Janelle's Journey

A personal insight into cancer treatment

This book is a great read not only for those about to embark on their cancer journey, but also for those who have been thorough their cancer journey. I laughed and cried and I take my hat off to Janelle for sharing her “very real cancer experiences” on an extremely personal level. 
Whoever chooses to read Janelle’s story will feel grateful that they have had a true and real insight into the club that no one wants to join. 
Lisa Beakley “Unwilling Member of Club Cancer”

Janelle’s Journey

When Janelle was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and was informed she would have to undergo Chemotherapy she was terrified by the unknown factor, not having known someone close that had been through treatment and finding the medical flyers supplied by the hospital too frightening to read, made her very anxious. If someone had suggested there was real person’s account of what they went through, she would have read this, however no one offered any suggestions.

Once Janelle had the idea to write about her own experience, she decided that she wanted to be able to provide copies for others about to embark on their own treatment journey so they wouldn’t have to suffer from the same anxiety of what they were about to endure.